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Hello, to whoever is reading this.

I've never been one for pushing myself. I generally let my work do the talking.

But someone suggested it so you know a little more about what goes on here.


Well I'm Dave, you might notice me on Twitter as @Fallen013 I generally sculpt with Zbrush and write and create insane universes and idea's.


I've been doing it a long time, not the Zbrush stuff that has only been about a decade, an the 3D printing is coming on towards a decade too.

I used to sculpt by hand. But I decided to change my ways to digital.


You might notice that things appear and disappear fairly randomly on here. Well this is more down to me changing things, I enjoy mixing things up, but also I work full time, this is my part time job, an I am a one man studio. I do plan hopefully some time in 2020 to build my own shop and start selling things direct instead of putting things out via SHAPEWAYS and costing you a fortune to get them for yourself.


All the prints you see on the site I have painted myself and they are either printed through Shapeways, or on my Anycubic Photon S and in some cases an
Ultimaker 2+ but that is mainly the large scale and the scenery that I use for that.


The long term plan is to actually get back into casting them in resin, which I am hoping will continue to reduce the cost to you, but this is a when I get there dream at the moment.


I used to cast in metal but you do lose a lot of the detail doing that. I'm not going to bore you with the science of why.


Anyway why does nothing ever seem to get finished, well for one time. As I said I work full time, and when I say full time I average 6 days a week 52 weeks a year.

So it a slow slog, Plus I have so many different ideas kicking around in my skull.

I was working on District (I still am) but I had this idea to try and redesign the Spines over Christmas I I did, I do like to break my jobs up. But then there is the odd free lance model that comes along that someone asked me to do along the way or print job and once more that takes precedence over my own work.


So there you go, something about me without being about me.

All I have ever wanted to do is make miniatures that other people enjoy and universes that you can lose yourself in.


Thanks for reading. Hope it didn't take too long and enjoy your day..



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